Europa League

The Europa League is a prestigious tournament second only to the Champions League. Some of the great sides around Europe play each other in the Europa League on Thursday nights. The tournament has had many formats and name changes of the years. It’s previous name was the UEFA Cup, but recently changed to the Europa League in 2009. The tournament started back in 1972, and Tottenham was the first winners of the famous trophy.  To qualify for this tournament, you will need to achieve a certain league position finish in national leagues, and also win national cups. Changed Formats When Read More

Soccer Odds

There are several people who like to set up a standard income through betting on different online games like soccer but the only aspect of the recreational activity wherein people have difficulty understanding is what soccer odds really mean. For you to be able to understand the soccer betting odds this is critical and can often times create a difference in between having some profits of losing the game. There are various types of betting odds, which are used in different places around the world. In United Kingdom, the fractional odd is very popular compared to a traditional bulk-produced bookmaker Read More

Unibet Delivers a Quality Experience You Can Enjoy Over the Long Term

When it comes to our entertainment preferences, we definitely prefer something that allows us to control the terms. Nobody wants to feel like they have to choose between the lesser of two evils, the way you might do when you really have to pick between two things that don’t interest you. You are a lot better off staying home…yet what is there to do at home? If you plug into the Unibet world, you’ll find that there’s a quality experience waiting for you. And when it comes to this style of gambling, it definitely is an experience that you’re not Read More

Defending Champions – Atlético Madrid

La Liga heavyweights Atlético Madrid will be back in the 2012/2013 Europa League and at the moment sit on the second line of betting behind Inter Milan, Liverpool and Tottenham. This will sit well with the famous Spanish side as it removes some of the pressure associated with being defending champions. Featuring Turkish superstar Arda Turan, Spanish international striker Adrian and the honorary ‘King of the Europa League’ Falcao, Atlético have some serious attacking weapons at their disposal. Falcao himself broke the record last season (that he himself held previously) for most goals in a Europa League season. Atlético Madrid Read More

Europa League Match Day 5 – Top 3 Matches to Watch

Match day 5 is when the groups start to get more tense as some teams are going into games either needing must ones, or those crucial points to secure a spot in the next stage. Match day 5 is spread over two days, Wednesday 30th of November, and 1st of December and below is the pick of the matches in my opinion. Celtic v Atletico Madrid Celtic were fortunate to qualify, and then unfortunate to get a tough group containing Rennes and Udinese. Celtic have held their own so far and stick in with a real chance of qualifying. Atletico Read More

Europa League 2011/2012 – Top 3 Dark Horses

Every now and then, in European competitions a surprise team wins it. There is the potential of that happening again this season, as the competition is full of dark horses who can go all the way this season. In this tournament, you need hard work, belief you can win, and no doubt a slice of luck if you want to go all the way. The following 3 teams are my main dark horses who I believe can win the tournament next May. Stoke Stoke are new to the European stage, but their specific style of football has got the right Read More

Europa League 2011/2012 – Top 3 Favourites to Win

We are not yet sure of all the teams who will progress into the knockout stages, as the group stages are still ongoing and also Champions League teams also enter too, which could include holders Porto and Manchester City. However, it’s starting to shape up the next stage and here are my top 3 favourites who I believe can go all the way. The reason why I have chosen these particular teams, it is because I belief that they have more desire to win it, as well as European experience and quality throughout their team. Athletic Bilbao This is a Read More


Soccer, or European football, is becoming a popular sport in the United States. And since online sports betting is popular with every other major sport; why not add soccer to the list. On a global scale, soccer betting is rising to the most popular spot. Americans would be surprise to know that in Europe, betting on a soccer match is as popular as betting on a football game. But is the betting the same for each sport? Soccer betting is similar to wagering on professional baseball or hockey because it uses the money line. There is one major difference. A Read More

Europa League 15th September – Betting on Key Clashes

Europa League group stages kick off on Thursday, as all times are hoping this is the start of a successful campaign. Current holders Porto are in the Champions League, so unless they finished 3rd in their group, we’ll be crowning new champions next May. There are many teams in it, who have the capabilities of going all the way this season. Match day 1 has some intriguing fixtures, and hopefully it gets off to a great entertaining start. Dynamo Kiev v Stoke – 6:00pm Kiev reached the quarter finals last time round which including them knocking out Manchester City in Read More

Classic European Football Snoods Look Great On Everyone!

Everyone loves a good set of football snoods, but what about classic European football snoods? You don’t have to be out there practicing your footy skills on the field every day to rock a football snood. You don’t even have to be a male to rock one of those nice pieces of neckgear. You can actually rock the style if you’re a woman. A lot of athletic women find that a set of classic European football snoods really do not only protect the neck, but it makes the neck warm. Once your neck is warm, the rest of your body Read More